• For whom is ECIT virts?

    ECIT Virtus is for companies and individuals who would rather outsource their accounting and financial activities in order to focus on operational activities.

  • How much does it cost to be with ECIT Virtus?

    Whether your business chooses to partly or wholly outsource financial activities, ECIT Virtus services are priced so that companies of all sizes – small, mid-sized and large – can expect significant savings. By partnering with ECIT Virtus your company saves by reducing internal financial personnel, avoiding fines through timely and precise financial reports and by staying on top of any regulatory changes. Give us a call at 414-3200 for further inquiries and a quote.

  • Why outsource salary calculations?

    Firstly, to save time and money. Secondly, ECIT Virtus does not get sick or go on holiday. Due to our large and reliable staff, our service is always there and dependable. Thirdly, our specialists have invaluable expertise on matters regarding payroll calculation and payment as well as the preparation of various financial documents. Thus, ECIT Virtus creates a secure framework that gives our clients the time and energy to focus their efforts into operations. Additionally, financials should be a private matter. ECIT Virtus guarantees complete confidentiality and honesty in our client relationships.

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